Can Iron Deficiency cause hair Loss In Men & Women?

Hair loss is as common of a health condition these days as any other you can think of. Various factors contribute to hair loss in both men and women. While some of them are linked to pattern baldness and diseases like cancer & thyroid, others are linked to a lack of nutrition in the human body. One crucial vitamin that causes hair loss in men and women is iron. 

How Is Iron & Hair Loss Are Connected

According to the information mentioned on the home page of Dot-Micro, hair loss happens when proper nutrients don’t reach hair on time. As you must have already heard many times, iron is one of the primary sources of hemoglobin production, which takes care of delivering oxygen and all the necessary nutrients to your hair. 

In case hair doesn’t get either of these two, their growth stops, and eventually, they start to fall out. This is why healthcare experts recommend keeping your body’s iron level stable for constant hair growth and quick recovery if you have lost too many hairs recently. 

That said, in case you have a proper iron level and still experience uneven hair loss, it may be due to pattern baldness. Both men and women can get affected by this condition at any stage of their lives. Also known as alopecia, pattern baldness shows its effects slowly, and sometimes, it can take even years before becoming noticeable. It cannot be cured. The only thing you can do is opt for treatments like SMP and microblading to minimize its effects in the best possible way. For this, you should contact an expert hair care professional and follow his advice without having any second thoughts.