Tailored Car Mats

Quality car mats protect the interior of the vehicle from dirt and moisture. Tailored car mats provide an even better all weather protection, as they are made for specific car models to ensure perfect fit. Not even a single dust particle can sneak through the edges of a tailored car mat. They keep your vehicle in pristine condition and preserve its value.

On a rainy day, car mats protect the vehicle from mud and absorb water. In case of an accidental spillage in the car, the car mats absorb all the liquid and prevent it from seeping under the vehicle floor. Excessive exposure of metal to liquids can cause rusting. Tailored car mats are also necessary for safety purposes. Unsecured car mats with a bad fit can be loose in the foot well and cause obstruction while driving. Anti slip car mats provide a perfect foothold for safe driving. 

Stylish Designs

The custom made car mats come in various luxury designs. You can customize the car mats to suit your style. These mats not only protect your vehicle but they also enhance visual appeal of the car’s interior. You can browse through the high definition designs and choose strips, dots, checks or the classic plain mats. You can also have hand finished tailored car mats, which are truly a product of quality craftsmanship. The tailored car mats come in various colour and trim options. You can pick your favourite and give a stunning look to your car’s interior.

Material Options

Tailored car mats are made from different kinds of materials. There are the rubber mats which are ideal for wet conditions. They are water resistant and provide excelled protection from moisture. You can also have the carbon mats which provide double protection by using diamond rubber pattern with carbon fibre edging. To have a feel of luxury, you can opt for the leather art tailored car mats. The edge of the car mat is embossed with a leatherette stripe to create a unique design. So protect your car’s interior in style with the tailored car mats.